The title of this interview, could not be anything else, that the one show above! Paul is a very rare and strange character. During the 12-13 April's weekend, we had a great time with Paul DiAnno and his Band, Killers in Athens, even thought we had so many difficulties about the gig, (cancelled once, because of the venue) and some other problems we faced! So here we begin with the interview.

Manolis: First of all, thank you so much for this interview Paul, as I told you , twelve years ago, when I started listening to Heavy Metal, it was you, the legendary voice of my favorite Metal band ever! Now, I'm sitting next to you, on the same table, drinking and talking! Just imagine the way I feel at the moment! Anyway, let's jump to the interview, I've prepared some questions, and there are also some questions made by the fans, via Maiden Greece!

Manolis: What do you think about heavy metal's status these days? Do you think it's better than a few years ago, or it's going downward slope?
Paul: Personally I don't listen to Heavy Metal, I don't like it at all mate, I listen to Punk music and bands like, Slipknot, Rammstein and Pantera!

Manolis: Is it a problem, that you are still considered as the legendary Iron Maiden singer?
Paul: Actually it pisses me off too much, but that's ok!

Manolis: What's your relationship with Iron Maiden at the moment and especially with Steve Harris?
Paul: You know, that we live in two different countries so, it's too difficult to see each other. I've seen Clive, about a year ago, he is ok!

Manolis: What is your favorite Iron Maiden song?
Paul: I think Phantom Of The Opera.

Manolis: Which band is or was your greatest influence?
Paul: The Ramones, Sex Pistols and in general Punk Music!

Manolis: Do you personally know band members of Iron Maiden, which you've never played with? I mean, Bruce Dickinson, Blaze Bayley. If so, what's you relationship with them?
Paul: We are friend with Bruce Dickinson for many years! He is a really nice guy, and you should know this! Now Blaze, I think he's a good guy too, but he's better without Iron Maiden, and Iron Maiden much better without him!

Manolis: Apart the beginning of Iron Maiden (with you), what's you favorite album?
Paul: The Number Of The Beast, definitely!

Manolis: Have you heard Rock In Rio? The new live Iron Maiden album?
Paul: I told you, that I don't listen to heavy metal my friend!

Manolis: Where you really asked to join Iron Maiden on stage, at the Brixton gigs? The charity gigs for Burr!
Paul: I was on tour in Germany that moment, I would play if I was asked...

Manolis: So you weren't asked... right?
Paul: Nope!

Manolis: Tell me your three favorite heavy metal albums ever!
Paul: Heavy Metal? I told you I don't listen to but anyway, I think, Nations (Sepultura), Sad Wings Of Destiny (Judas Priest) and Disturbed!

Manolis: What do you really love most in life?
Paul: My little daughter, far from anything else.. I will kill myself, if something happens to her...

Manolis: Just name a guilty pleasure...
Paul: Football team mate!

Manolis: What's your greatest fear?
Paul: Loosing my kids, and of course I want to see my older son, married before I die!

Manolis: Give me, more information about the whole charity stuff you are doing.
Paul: I donate as much as I can to charity, for money less and ill children. I will do the same, with the Killers miniature you gave me yesterday!

Manolis: Where you ever asked to go back to Iron Maiden?
Paul: No!! In Kerrang last week I was also asked, and I told them than, even if Iron Maiden would give me ten thousand dollars, there was no way for me to join them again!!

Manolis: Why you didn't take Killers (your band) with you to the South America tour?
Paul: Killers are for the European tour! I went down to South America, with other bands and friends of mine!

Manolis: Are there any plans, for a new studio album with Killers or DiAnno?
Paul: Yes, actually, I have finished working five songs for the new Killers album, it's going to be a little more doomy and thrushy! There are also eight finished songs already with Paolo, like Nomad for DiAnno. There are also some songs planned for the new Battlezone album, and it's going to be industrial!

Manolis: How many times have you been here in Greece?
Paul: I've been in Rhodes, Delphi, Athens about ten times and Thessaloniki a couple of times, so it's about 15-16 times!

Manolis: So, what do you think of Greek People, and our country!?
Paul: Man, I love Greece, you know, civilization started here, it's great! And all of you Greek people are so f**king friendly and awesome!

Manolis: How is the tour going this far?
Paul: The tour is going great! We have been to many countries, and played to so many fans, it's exciting!

Manolis: Name a movie you've seen lately and you liked!
Paul: Blade II is fantastic!

Manolis: Name an album you've seen lately and you liked.
Paul: Iowa, Slipknot... It's f**king great!!!

Manolis: A book?
Paul: I read about 3-4 books per week, let me think... ... Rhinosaurus

Manolis: Why you really got your bear shaved?
Paul: You know, it's funny! My little girl used to pull it the whole time, so it got thicker and thinner, so I had to get it shaved! I'll let one grow up, starting next week probably!

Manolis: What's your actual relationship with killers (your band)?
Paul: Every single guy in the band is great! Cool characters and great musicians! I've worked a lot with Pete Newdeck and Markus Thurston in my solo career, Darayus Kaye, has joined the band a couple of years. Cliff Evans is my man! I know him, for more than 10-12 years, and he's doing the whole riffs stuff on my songs!

Manolis: And what about Lea James Hart? Your manager...
Paul: Me and Lea, are friends forever!

Manolis: An Iron Maiden related question again... Why you quit the band?
Paul: God, I'm sick of their politics, they don't love their fans, which are too many! Jesus, they are a money machine!!!

Manolis: That's it! Just please leave a message for the Greek Iron Maiden and Paul DiAnno Fan Club...
Paul: Had a great time in Athens, c.u. all soon. I love you all, be good, be healthy, all good things 2 u all. Alexander the Great readers. Paolo D.C. Di'Anno xxx.

Now personally I would honestly would like to thank the band: Paul Di'Anno, Cliff Evans, Pete Newdeck, Markus Thurston and  Daryus Kaye (for becoming a real brother to me)! Lea James Hart, for being a friend to me, supporting and helping, me in person and Alexander The Great (our Fan Club). Makis, owner of Dionysos Metal Cafe and Texas Rock Club for everything! Kostas Kiriakakis and Viky (his wife), for being so friendly and of course for their support! Eleni and Lida, great friends and supporters of me. Dimos for his phone call! Many many more people, for being supportive and friendly, like: Kostas, Christina, Olga, Tasos, Nikos, Ilias, all boys and girls on our Party in Texas and Dionysos, and of course everyone I may forget... We had a great time in Athens! Thanks for everything!!!

Manolis "In Heaven" Varouhas