I've been here before and let me admit that I love it... I'm a HUGE Iron Maiden fan for many many years, so I can't be that dispassionate with any release of this band, believe me and understand me. "Visions Of The Beast" is one more Iron Maiden collection of their official videos, from the beginning (Women in Uniform) to the brand new (Rock In Rio III), all of them (thirty five)!

With a slick "Eddie" navigation interface, "Visions Of The Beast" those two DVDs look just great! Unfortunately the videos' sound is featured by dolby digital 2.0 (actually impossible to change the sound just because most songs were recorded during the "non-dolby" days) but "Brave New World" and "Fear Of The Dark" videos (taken from the "Rock In Rio" DVD), feature 5.1 dolby digital. Rare performances like "Hallowed Be Thy Name", recorded at "Live At Donington" double live album, video clips like "The Number Of The Beast", "The Trooper", "Phantom Of The Opera" and more Iron Maiden classic songs, are the best moments of this release. Most of those video clips can be found under lower resolution on the Iron Maiden re-mastered albums. Take a very careful look at the pictures between the videos. Highlights of this DVD are the easter eggs (hidden videos and many extras), but I'll let you find them yourselves (check out any Iron Maiden fansite), just keep in mind that there are various clips of the same songs. As a last note, thirty five tracks (including the hidden videos) make "Visions Of The Beast", a must have (I'll have to say it once more) for every metal fan's collection, either you like Iron Maiden or not... Up The Irons!

Manolis Varouhas