Slow intro, high vocals, superb bridges and refrain, outstanding tune and a great solo... This song is one of the first songs that made me love the Paul DiAnno era and the band's two first albums. Actually this one made me wonder why Paul didn't have the music career he should have and I don't mean the endless tours he's having, countless bands, from Battlezone to Dianno and stuff. Remember Tomorrow is slow-mid tempo song, with both acoustic and power parts and the most important is the presentation of the band's behalf, the instrumental parts/bridges, which are still classic!

Guitar solos are superb, the first one at 2:39 is performed by Dave Murray and at 3:08 from Dennis Stratton. The lyrics according to Paul are about his grandfather who may have been a pilot at the Royal Air Force, during World War II, even though it's not officially confirmed. That can be told by lyrical parts like: the clouds take me higher, I shall return from out of the fire, flickers above us to light up the sky and more. Paul wrote the lyrics, Steve wrote the music. There's a lot of feeling in this song coming upfront from both Paul's way of singing the slow parts and the heavy parts especially the solos. To be honest the Maiden Japan version is even better, because all the heavy parts of the song are a lot faster there.