Paul DiAnno live in Athens, Saturday, December 2: Gagarin 205. Tickets on sale: No Remorse, Sirens, Monsterville. Electronically via: YOU ASKED FOR IT AND IT WAS DONE!

After the 2 deafening sold outs last year, at Gagarin205 and because too many people stayed outside, the legendary Paul Di Anno returns to Athens, in the same place, to perform tracks from the first 2 historical Iron Maiden albums: "Iron Maiden" and "Killers"

Paul DiAnno played the most important role in the early creative years of the quintet from Great Britain. She met bassist Steve Harris in 1977 when he was looking for a singer for his new (then) heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Although Dianno was not impressed with what he had seen at the time, he decided to try out as a singer and was immediately hired.

In 1979, Iron Maiden released their self-financed debut, The Soundhouse Tapes, which sold out and the band gained a large following. This led EMI/Capitol to sign the band and the rest is more or less known. In 1980 the now classic LP "Iron Maiden" was released which combined the energy of punk with metal riffs and was the starting point of thrash and speed metal. Another feature that set Iron Maiden apart from the rest of the bands of that time was the image of their frontman Paul DiAnno, who had rejected the classic metal look and preferred his own Punk - bum look and attitude.

1981 saw the release of "Killers", as well as the live EP "Maiden Japan". Despite the worldwide success of these releases, DiAnno left the band at the end of 1981. However, he managed to leave his mark on it with his unique and extremely strong voice, which caused a great impression on fans of this music. Due to the distinctiveness of his voice, Paul DiAnno gained countless fans, a fact that is proven by the sales of the first two Iron Maiden albums (30 million copies worldwide).

After his departure from Iron Maiden, Paul DiAnno released many albums either as a solo artist or as a member of bands such as Gogmagog, Battlezone and the Killers, while participating as a guest musician on more than 60 albums that were released worldwide.

Although Paul DiAnno was only involved in Iron Maiden's first two albums, these works are still considered "All Time Classics" by most fans of heavy metal music, as well as many musicians worldwide.

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Athena :

Thursday, December 2 at Gagarin 205

Doors open: 21.00

Special guests: tba

Paul Di Anno on stage: 22.30

Advance ticket sales: No Remorse, Sirens, Monsterville

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Manolis Varouchas