As we write, Rod and The Truants are pedalling their little socks off for charity, this time in Mexico. The team are taking on 200km of the Jucatan Peninsula and instead of sitting around with our feet up on the desk while the boss is away, we're having our traditional fanclub auction.

We've dug through the archive and the goodie cupboard to try and find something for every wallet, from picture discs and obscure special editions, to signed artwork and gold discs, to opportunities to join Rod on the mixing desk at a selection of Maiden shows next year.

The auction runs for a week and is only open to Iron Maiden Fan Club members, to make sure these lovely items end up in the hands of real fans.

Enter The Auction!

Have a browse and make a bid - 100% of the money goes to The Truants chosen charities: Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, Childline and Teenage Cancer Trust.