We proudly present a detailed and very interesting, exclusive interview with Blaze Bayley, the vocalist in Iron Maiden on The X Factor and Virtual XI, questions from our members, from the Iron Maiden the Greek FC.

1) Would you like to say a few words about you latest album?

It is called Russian Holiday. It is available on the 8th of February on our webshop and in shops in March. It is an acoustic EP with classical guitar by Thomas Zwijsen and vocals by Blaze Bayley. It is something i have wanted to do for a long time. We play very intimate places on the tour and there is a real connection with the fans.

2) Where do you get inspiration from since you've been a solo artist?

The things that happen to me in my life and great moviesand books that are interesting and offbeat and i find truth in.

3) What is the main source of support and love you get, is it the family or the fans?

First it is my family then it is the fans.

4) At the age of 50, are there still things you haven't tried or experimented in the music industry?

Yes, i haven't experimented with drugs and i don't intend to.

5) Is there anything you miss from the Iron Maiden era?

I really enjoyed my time in iron maiden and i am very proud of all the work that i did. I am really proud of the songs that i wrote with the band but it is a long time ago. I have got a lot of support from the fans all round the world and really enjoy what i am doing now.

6) Generally talking, what was the feeling of having been the frontman of such a successful heavy metal band?

A lot of pressure and stress and also a feeling of having the best job in the world. In what i do, i managed to get to the top. I am very proud of that.

7) What would you say to your dedicated fans around the world?

Thank you for your support, thank you for supporting me and having confidence in me and having confidence in me and allowing me to do the music that i want to do.

8) What are you future plans? What should we be expecting from Blaze?

I am bringing out my EP and i start the Russian Holiday world tour this Saturday. We go to Europe, South-America and Australia.

9) Why do you consider yourself as an underground artist? And how do you like the fact?

I don't sell enough CD's to be a major artist and i am not on daytime mtv or music channels. You have to find out about me, i am not in your face in the media. It allows me a lot of creative freedom and i can choose the places that i play and i can go to places on tour i like to go.

10) Greece goes through some really difficult period, both for its citizens and its dramatic financial conditions - how would you encourage Greek people?

I just hope that all my fans in Greece will be ok and as soon as I can fit Greece into my schedule, then i will come.

11) How was working with the first Iron Maiden singer, Paul DiAnno on this tour?

Really crazy, a lot of fun, Paul has a great sense of humour, he is a really crazy guy and all of the shows went really well. The fans enjoyed it, it has been a lot of fun and we have some more to do.

12) How did the project with Thomas Zwijsen came up?

I did guest vocals for Thomas' album, Nylon Maiden. We started talking about a new project for me so that is how we realised we got on very well and we have been working together ever since.

13) Any future plans with Wolfsbane?

Yes, the last tour went really well and we are trying to find time next year to fit in another few weeks of touring with Wolfsbane. The new album is called Wolfsbane saves the world, available on the wolfsbane webshop.

14) You are about to start a tour in Brazil this January, do you plan to continue that tour around the Globe?

yes, we are taking bookings all of the time, a lot of fans and friends that i have played a couple of the songs from the new EP are very excited about it.

15) Any plans of visiting Greece?

I'd love to come to Greece, I am just trying to find a promoter to help me come.

16) What do you think of the Iron Maiden albums since you left the band, from Brave New World until The Final Frontier?

I think they have done a lot of great work.

17) Do you any time wish you'd be on the microphone of Iron Maiden today?

I am really happy playing the venues that i play, being able to meet the fans that support me but i would like to do a gig with Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson and Paul Diannoo. I think it would be a lot of fun and the fans would like it.

18) Why did you never support Iron Maiden during their gigs?

When i was in wolfsbane, we supported iron maiden but since then the schedules have never matched up.


19) Many people say that your first two albums as Blaze, were better that The X Factor and Virtual XI, what would you comment on that?

The production by Andy Sneep was definitely better but there is great music on all of the albums that you mentioned.


20) How did the Vessel project came up?

I do guestvocals and they got in touch with me to see if i could appear on their album. They booked me and it was a lot of fun.


21) What do you think of Maiden United?

I think they do some great work.

22) Do you still have good relationships with the Iron Maiden line up?

I am still in touch with Steve Harris and on my last album he let me use his studio for free.

23) Did you like Adrian's project, Primal Rock Rebellion?

Yes, i thought it was very interesting.

24) A rising star is coming, Austin Dickinson, what do you think about his project?

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

25) How did the A Wonderful Life came up with Sinnergod, it's a great song and clip!

They booked me to appear on their album,, they wrote the song with my voice in mind. I was so pleased to be part of the project as they are a great live band and have great songs. They are supporting me on the UK part of my tour.

26) Do you believe that if you kept on being an Iron Member, Brave New World or any next album (some songs you wrote never been to the album) would be better that the two albums you recorded?

I don't think about that. I am very pleased with the way that Silicon Messiah and Tenth Dimention have turned out.

27) Please leave a note for Iron Maiden the Greek FC

Thank you so much for the support you have given me. I would love to come back to greece as soon as i can.


28) Do you believe in God???

Do you?


29) You have a wonderful song <> at the end of the song a girl sayss some lyrics but noone understand it! Can you reveal the lyrics?

I can tell you that they are in latin...


30) Which is your favorite metal album?

Holy Diver from Ronnie James Dio


31) "with maiden,you released the x-factor album,which is considered to be a true classic one,by the most of the fans (and virtual is amazing too!)!

would you be interested in doing a tour sometime,with the setlist based especially on this album?"

The touring that i do with paul dianno, i play a lot more of the songs from Xfactor. On each tour that i do on my own, i try to do a different song from that album to perform live.

32) "it is a fact, that during your personal career, you have played with awesome guitarists!

if i asked you who is the best guitarist you have ever collaborated with,which one would you choose (excluding thomas) ?

Dave Murray from Iron Maiden

33) "which is your favourite album that you have ever played in?"

All hell is breaking loose at little cathy wilsons place

34) tell as your schedule for next year. Any videoclip? New album? New live album?

Yes, we are planning to do a videoclip to go with russian holiday and a live recording at the end of the tour.