Dream of a lifetime, talking with one of my beloved artists for a couple of hours on an exclusive interview? What more could I ask the night just before my birthday?

Manolis: Hello everybody! It’s an honor for me and the FC to meet you!
Slater: Cool... We feel great here in Greece already!

Manolis: So, let’s begin with some questions I have prepared! What are your feelings before the show here in Greece? It's the first time you visit us as Blaze.
Slater: Yeah, It’s great here. We have heard a lot of this country, especially from Blaze (three gigs in Greece in the past) and he is very enthusiastic!

Manolis: Some words about the new album.
Slater and Singer: Hey, you got it here, in your hands. You better tell me your opinion as soon as you learn it by heart, thanks for buying it!

Manolis: How is the Tour with Savatage going until now?
Slater: Savatage are great! It’s an honor for me and the whole band supporting their European Tour.

Manolis: The Track list for this gig? (today)
Neil and Slater: 3 songs from each session. Three songs from Messiah, three from Tenth Dimension and three from Iron Maiden.

Manolis: The exact songs?
Slater and Neil: I think, Man On The Edge, When Two Worlds Collide (really?) and Futureal from Iron Maiden. Silicon Messiah, The Launch and Ghost In The Machine from Silicon Messiah and finally from Tenth Dimension: Speed Of Light, Tenth Dimension and Kill And Destroy!

Manolis: How did you get to these tracks?
Slater and Neil: I think it’s a great compilation. We play what fans already love (Iron Maiden known songs), some songs of Messiah and we really hope that you know them and finally three songs of the new album. We actually don’t expect you to know (today the album has been released in Greece) the tracks, but we want you to hear them live from Blaze!

Manolis: Would you play any Iron Maiden songs, that you have nothing to do with? I mean songs like The Number of The Beast and Fear of The Dark, with Blaze?
Slater: No, I don’t think so... We are playing Virus though, you know that Iron Maiden have never played this song in a gig.

Manolis: Are you planning to participate in any festival in Greece, such as the well known Rockwave Festival?
Slater: We will, but unfortunately not here in Greece. We would love to participate in a festival just because of your reputation (Greek Fans)!

Manolis: Thanks very very much John! Anyway, compare the last work you’ve done, with Messiah, your great debut.
Slater: I think that this album, is more complete... It’s a concept album (like Messiah) and contains great brand new songs!

Manolis: Yeah, what else would you say about this (laughs!!!)
Wray: Yeah, it’s pretty great.

Manolis: Steve, why Blaze really left Iron Maiden...?
Wray: Just because Iron Maiden got Bruce Dickinson back... no other reason actually!!!

Manolis: Have you heard about Chuck Schuldiner, the front man of Death?
Wray, Naylor and Slater: Yes, we are all actually very very sorry about this... (R.I.P. Chuck!)

Manolis: Anything you would like to add?
All the Band: Keep rocking boys! You are a great venue!!!

Manolis: And a comment for Alexander The Great (the official Greek Iron Maiden Fan Club)
The Band: Keep up the good work, and stay true!!!

Manolis: Thanks for everything and Keep Rocking!!!

I really want to thank the whole band and especially Neil, the Tour manager of the band. You are all great and I really hope to see you soon again in Greece!!!

Manolis "In Heaven" Varouhas