We are very excited to present you the new tshirts of Iron Maiden the Greek FC. New exclusive design for the club, printed in high quality. Registrations for 2022 are now open.

The designs as every year, by the amazing Robert Štivičić (Crusader).

What's included

- Fan club's personalized member card.

- Fan club's exclusive t-shirt 2022.

- Stickers, flyers and more.

Registration for year 2022.

The registration cost is 20€ for shipments in Greece and 25€ for shipments abroad.

Shipping will begin May 15, 2022 (registered mail).

Click here to register:  https://paypal.me/TheGreekFC (attach details about mailing address, mobile and t-shirt size).

Note: Only SmallMedium and Large are available!

Original Artwork Akirant Illustration