Another (calendar) year is coming to an end and faithful to our annual appointment we are waiting for you at the Lazy club on Monday, December 30th at 11pm to celebrate the impending change of the year with yet another setlist - dream full of the masterpieces of the world's top heavy metal band.

Με την αμέριστη υποστήριξη του Iron Maiden the Greek FC.


#earlybird 21.30 - 22.30

damage: 10€ (+beer)

contact: 210/68.95.535 |

Lazy club

Λεωφ. Πεντέλης 1, Βριλήσσια 152 35

Αττική Οδός - Exit 12 | Προαστιακός "Πεντέλης"

έναντι Αθλητικού Κέντρου "Νίκος Πέρκιζας"

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Manolis Varouchas