Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden's vocalist, visited our country, the 21st of July, for a single gig, in Lycabetus Theater in Athens. Greece was the only Bruce’s headline gig, during this European tour. The doors opened at seven o’clock and the band, took its position on the stage at half past nine. The band consisted from Alex Dickson (Guitar), Pete Friesen (Guitar), Chris Dale (Bass), Robin Guy (Drums) and of course Bruce Dickinson on the vocals.

Just one single minute after the band went on stage, there was a voice from nowhere saying: “Where’s this voice coming from? It's behind you!” and then Bruce Dickinson joined the stage, in order to begin the gig with Silver Wings, one of his two latest creations, included into his “Best Of”.

The crowd was pretty enthusiastic the whole time! Next song was Back from the Edge, a song off the less-famous Bruce Dickinson album, Skunkworks. The following track was, Broken, his other new song! Then came the time, where Bruce Dickinson, starts talking about the fans, how happy he is playing in Greece, and introducing to us, one of my favorite songs: Revelations! Great performance! Accident Of Birth & Dark Side Of Aquarius were next… Then Bruce threw a towel on his face, so he was supposed not to see, and the Drums, from the background started playing The Tower. Then the all times classic, Tears Of The Dragon was introduced by Bruce, adding, that this was the song, that he wrote, when he left Iron Maiden and it talks about how he felt back then, how disappointed and desperate he was! He kept thanking the Greek fans for supporting him on his solo and band days.

That was the moment, of the only tiny mistake, Bruce made! When he started singing (Tears Of The Dragon), he realized, for his bad luck, that his microphone was shut! Funny moment though! The songs to follow were Laughing In The Hiding Bush, from Balls To Picasso and Innerspace from Skunkworks, great performance on both, from the whole band. The fans actually, were not satisfied at the moments, where Bruce and his band, performed songs, off Skunkworks! Here in Greece, this one is definitely at the bottom of the fans’ shelves. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter was meant to be the final song as Bruce was thanking us, and whished as a goodnight, then he left the stage! But, as always, there is an encore! Tattooed Millionaire from the self-titled album was the encore-opening song. Then Bruce started to climb the stage columns and singing from over there (Is he a stunt or something?). Then the band performed The Prisoner, with Bruce singing the intro him self, (no playback), then it was Powerslave!

All time classic songs, that blows the crowd off is always a great recipe, to make then go home with a huge smile on their lips! It’s always great to hear these Iron Maiden songs live!

There was one more encore, as Bruce, left the stage. He started talking about a song, which was inspired of the Ancient Greece; Flight Of Icarus was finally that song, and not Alexander The Great, which was the one the crowd expected. Final song as always during this European Tour was Delilah, a Tom Jones cover! The gig last, about an hour and a half, with Bruce Dickinson as always, proving that he didn’t got aged at all! Running and crossing the stage, the whole time. Singing, at high standards, urging the fans to go mad and sing! The other members of the band, were not on their favorite day, making mistakes, during the solos, but actually I got impressed, by Chris’ stage performance, and Robin’s drums skills!

Silver Wings
Back From The Edge
Accident Of Birth
Darkside Of Aquarius
The Tower
Tears Of The Dragon
Laughing In The Hiding Bush
Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter

Tattooed Millionaire
The Prisoner

Flight Of Icarus

Personally I had one of the best gigs ever. Bruce Dickinson is a pretty weird and strange character, unfortunately for the fans. We went to the hotel right after the gig, where we were expecting Bruce and his band, to be there. Then all of the sudden, Bruce came out of a car, and run into the hotel doors, where he was expected to arrive. Then the rest of the band, and especially Chris and Robin, stayed with the fans, signed autographs, got pictures and chatted with us for more than an hour. Great guys!

I also want to mention, that Motorhead, were about to play the very next day, at the same place! Lemmy and Dee, stayed with us, got pictures etc.

Bruce, after two hours or something, exited the hotel, jumped as fast as he could into a cab and leave. Me and my friend Dimitris, followed the cab, with his car, right to the airport. It’s worth to mention, that the airport, is more than thirty kilometers, from the hotel.

When Bruce arrived there, wearing his pilot suit, we asked him to sign us some autographs! The only thing, he replied, was: “You should have stayed at the hotel!” Then, he just left. His behavior got me kind of angry and made me wonder, why “Lemmy” stayed, with the fans, while Bruce not... I can’t express my feelings those moments.
Anyway, I really (personally) want to thank all those boys and girls that supported me again these, anxious days. First of all Marko, from Didi Music, for his support, and facilities, Niko, from Olethrio Rigma, Sound & Vision, Eleni Zeniou, Dimitri (aka Rockavlon), Dimitri, for his patience, and understanding, and all the members of our Fan Club for being there! Thanks for that great night.

Manolis "In Heaven" Varouhas