January 26th, 2002 will be a day to remember for all BLAZE fans since it is the day that the band came for the first time here in Greece for two shows (Athens 26th and Thessaloniki 27th) and it is also the release day of the new album called Tenth Dimension.

The gig was about to take place, at Sporting Basketball stadium. It is about 3 o'clock in the evening and everything in the concert venue seems fine. The band arrived about two hours later but due to a delay on Savatage's sound check, BLAZE had to make their own sound check with the crowd inside the venue a fact that proved very bad for the band since the sound in the first three songs was extremely bad. BLAZE went on stage with a small delay of half an hour approximately and performed 9 songs from the Bayley's Maiden era and from the two BLAZE albums: Silicon Messiah and Tenth Dimension.

They started with Futureal, went on with Speed of Light and after Bayley's salute to the audience they continued with The Launch. When two worlds collide, Ghost in the machine, Kill and Destroy followed with the crowd screaming and singing along. They ended their performance with Man on the Edge and Tenth Dimension. After that BLAZE went off the stage and Savatage went on.

Blaze's show was magnificent even though nobody expected it. It looks like they are on top of the metal bands, with a brilliant performer (Blaze) and some very promising young musicians. The gig was sold out and the boys' performance fantastic- a night to remember. Blaze and his band, proved that they are not, anymore the ex singer of Iron Maiden and his band! Personally I would like to thank Dino Fragopoulo, Marco from Didi Music for all his support and patience and last but not least Blaze's manager Neil Marklew for …everything. The band is on the top and we are looking forward to see you back in Greece as soon possible. The ending, shouldn't differ to this, Blaze and his band has won the bet, and they are on the elite of the worldwide metal scene.
Speed Of Light
The Launch
When Two Worlds Collide
Ghost In The Machine
Kill And Destroy
Man On The Edge
Silicon Messiah
Tenth Dimension

Manolis "In Heaven" Varouhas