Yup! The boys came for a gig in Athens after they canceled their previous one at Rockwave Festival due to Janick's sad accident. And yes dudes, they really kicked ass! More than we could imagine. I won't go into details about the setlist and the effects as all have been said before, I'll just write the unusual stuff: - Bruce and Nicko, during the intro of the Clansman started to dance in the middle of the stage Scottish style!

As we (the crowd - about 15000) screamed Alexander the Great (not that we had any chance, but we tried!) all the time, Bruce changed the ohohohoh part of the Clansman to ohohohoh Alexander the Great! Cool! - The sound wasn't sufficiently loud for a crowd so, well, loud, so, the volume was increased just before the solos of the Mercenary. - Bruce told us we're the number one fans in Europe, because we're really loud and energetic and we made BNW gold in a week, which has never happened to a Maiden album before (or so Bruce said....)! - A guy, somehow managed to climb on stage during, I think, 2 mins to Midnight and gave Bruce a big hug and then Bruce started to tango with him from one side of the stage to the other and back and then he showed him his way out. Hehe, that was very funny indeed, but I don't wanna imagine what would happen if that guy danced with one of the security guards near the stage ;p - During Sanctuary, and nearing the end of the song (at the gap), Bruce told us how much he likes Greek fans again and decided to reward us with the chorus of Alexander the Great ;) That was fuckin' brilliant and I think it's the first time a part of this song is played live.... although only vocal. Just Great! That's all, a great night, two of the best hours of my whole life! Damn the promoters for so little advertisement. 15.000? With the impact BNW has here in Greece, they should be 20.000-25.000. Not that it matters much, we yelled for the missing ones as well

Review Submitted by "Vulture" - amanloop@yahoo.com