So the Athens gig ha? well IT WAS FUCKING GREAT. They started with the wicker man and all got crazy think about it... 15.000 people the played the exact set but... at the clansman Bruce stopped the song and sang, people got crazy and started to light fireworks, you know Dave Murray got a little scared and left the left wing of the stage and he went to the center.

The concert was great and was one of the best maiden ever played in greece. finally to knock you out at sanctuary at the part where the band stops the lights opened and Bruce said << Alexander the great his name struck fear into hurts of men Alexander the great he died for fever in Babylon......>> people started shout all together. MAIDEN RULES FUCKIN GREAT LIVE KAI STA ELLINIKA <> ha soon we gonna have the bootleg<< live at Athens 2000 bnw>>

Review Submitted by "SPYROS KIVETOS" -