Scream for me Sarajevo το 2017

Scream for me Sarajevo το 2017 Scream For Me Sarajevo is a documentary film about Sarajevo during the 1992-95 siege; specifically a film about the music scene in the besieged Bosnian capital with special focus on a concert held in the city's BKC music hall by Bruce Dickinson on December 14, 1994. It is a film about people who risked their lives to perform for the people who risked their lives in order to live them.

It was first screened to a select international audience during the Sarajevo Film Festival in August 2016 where the film picked up the Special Jury Award, the Human Rights Award and the Audience Award (scoring 4.98/5, the highest score ever awarded in the Film Festival's twenty-one year history).

Scream For Me Sarajevo will be screened at the following Film Festivals, with others to follow over the coming months:

Göteborg Film Festival, Goteborg, Sweden, January 27 - February 5

LET'S CEE Film Festival, Vienna, Austria, March 21 - 27

Vilnius Film Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania, Mar 23 - Apr 06

Director: Tarik Hodžić

Cast: Bruce Dickinson , Alex Elena , Chris Dale , Jasenko Pašić ,Feđa Štukan , Erol Gagula

Screenplay: Tarik Hodžić, Jasenko Pašić

Director of Photography: Amel Djikoli

Editor: Tarik Hodžić

Music: Bruce Dickinson

Sound Design: Nenad Nešo Kovačević

Producer: Adnan Ćuhara

Associate Producer: Tatjana Bonny

Production: Prime Time



Milomir Kovacevic - Strasni

Alen Ajanovic

Mirza Coric

Erol Gagula

Vanja Nogo

Fedja Stukan

Neso Kovac

Meldin Hota

Alessandro Alex Elena

Neso Kovacevic

Major Martin Morris

Trevor Gibson

Enes Zlatar

Samir Culic

Bruce Dickinson

Chris Dale

Jim Marshall

Zlatko Suhonic

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