Guitarist Jase Edwards of reunited U.K. rockers WOLFSBANE, who feature in their ranks former IRON MAIDEN frontman Blaze Bayley, has issued the following update: "We're excited to announce something extra special for the tour. In 1993, we recorded some extra tracks for the 'Massive Noise' EP. With the 'Wolfsbane' album written, but not yet recorded, we decided to run through it live in the studio as part of the pre-production. The resulting recording became legendary within the band. It really captured the mad energy that we had envisaged for the album. Unfortunately, we never really managed to transfer this onto the record. In the middle of mixing it, Blaze left and the band split.

"For many years, we wondered what had happened to that recording and over time realised that nobody had a copy… It had been lost! Just a memory.

"Recently we were de-cluttering the loft and came across a pile of unmarked cassettes in a corner. We found a tape player (a what?… say all the kids) to see what they were. Amazingly, the third one I listened to was THAT recording!! I really had no idea it had survived.

"I can't tell you how thrilled we are to have found it. I was amazed to discover that it sounded even better than I remembered it. The raw energy is electric. This was the true blueprint for where the band was going if things had been different. We were re-inventing ourselves for a new decade.

"So…. I've mastered it from the cassette. It's all the white 'Wolfsbane' album plus the extra tracks and I've added the covers 'For You' and 'Born To Run'. 16 tracks in total blasted down some microphones somewhere in Birmingham in 1993. We really were on fire that night with Simon Efemy behind the desk. I really can't believe we've found it!

"The CD is only available on this October tour exclusively from the merch stand. No review copies, no press, it's just for the fans. The only ever live studio recording of WOLFSBANE!

"So come along, get one, grab a beer, turn it up and join us in the studio."

WOLFSBANE's new album, "Wolfsbane Save The World", was released earlier this year.

WOLFSBANE — which features Bayley, Edwards, bassist Jeff Hateley and drummer Steve Danger — released its first record in 17 years in April 2011. Entitled "Did It For The Money", it contained the brand new title track along with re-recordings of four old WOLFSBANE numbers.

Formed in 1984 in Tamworth, England, WOLFSBANE signed to Def American Records, and Rick Rubin produced the band's first album, "Live Fast, Die Fast", released in 1989. WOLFSBANE's second release, an EP titled "All Hell's Breaking Loose Down", followed in 1990. The band's second studio album, "Down Fall the Good Guys", was released in 1991, giving WOLFSBANE its only U.K. chart entry, with the single "Ezy" landing at No. 68.

After Def American dropped WOLFSBANE, the band released a live album, "Massive Noise Injection", through the Bronze label in 1993. The group's third studio album, the self-titled "Wolfsbane", followed in 1994.

On September 9, 2007, WOLFSBANE reformed for a one-off short set at the Rock of Ages festival in Tamworth. This was followed by their first U.K. tour in 13 years, with the band playing five dates as support for the THE WILDHEARTS in December 2007. Their next tour came in December 2009 supporting THE QUIREBOYS on the aforementioned "A Little Bit of What You Fancy 20th Anniversary Tour".