Metallica covered Iron Maiden’s seminal 1981 song 'Killers' during their show at London’s Twickenham Stadium last night (Thursday 20th June).

Midway through the set at each Metallica show, guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo break into a ‘doodle’ where they cover a song local to that particular city.

After covering The Stone Roses’ ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ at Manchester Etihad Stadium on Tuesday, last night Hammett and Trujillo turned their attention to Leyton’s prodigal sons, Iron Maiden, and covered the Paul Di'Anno/Steve Harris penned classic ‘Killers’.

With Trujillo and Hammett sharing vocal duties for the cover, the doodle then morphed into stripped back versions of Metallica’s ‘ManUNKind’ & ‘Orion’.

Check out footage of the cover, filmed from the front row of Twickenham Stadium, right here: